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For my very dear friend, Carol.

“He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.” Psalm 107:29 NIV  (see 23-32)

By Jeanette O’Hagan

5 August 2013

Steady light in the dark, stormy maw of the night
obscured by driving rains or, perhaps, my own tear blurred sight -
Jesus, my Lord and God, you are the lighthouse of my life.
Giver of breath, love and meaning in the midst of human strife,
forgive me when I doubt you or, dreaming, wanting, scheming,
drift away from your shining beacon of light,
towards the sharp toothed rocks of my own devise.

Lord, be the storm anchor of my floundering ship,
the farsighted captain guiding me through life’s tempests,
past sharp rocks and submerged reefs of criticism and pain,
against the riptides of laziness and despair,
through cold, drenching waves of self doubt and fear.
Jesus, you are the steady rock, the lighthouse of my life,
your beacon glimmers through the darkness bright and clear.

You bring me safely into the haven of your embrace,
Tending, mending, you refurbish and strengthen
And drawing closer, you turn towards me your bright face
And whisper “My child, fear not for I am with you”
And your love shines forth echoing with wild joyous cheer
And though you send me out again on thrashing seas
Lighthouse of my life, I know I will always find sweet haven in thee.

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