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Sometimes I find myself so busy doing guest or joint posts , I don’t have time to post here. Okay, to be honest – there are other things that take up my time like family, study, writing and generally just doing life. But why should you miss out? This page gives links to guest posts for  your enjoyment :)   Jenny

Life Matters

Have you ever been falsely accused? Hard, isn’t it? Is there anything you can do about it? These are some of the questions I tackle  In The Lion’s Den (Golden Pen)

Golden Pen Magazine is closing down – I will be publishing the three posts I did for them on Jenny’s Thread over the next few months.


What does Easter mean for you? The Bunny or the Lamb? (Christian Writers Downunder)

About Reading and Writing

My Writing Process

Friday Fifteen on Iola’s Christian Reads – 15 authors who have influenced me. (Iola’s Christian Reads)

My Writing Process in Jeanette O’Hagan Writes


The World of Books – books can inspire us and expand our horizons. (In Australasian Christian Writers)

Why book clubs can be fun. (In Australasian Christian Writers)

MOP or a Month of Poetry (In Christian Writers Downunder)

Genre and Categories

New Adult Fiction – Is New Adult Fiction for me? (In Australasian Christian Writers)

Young Adult or New Adult Fiction (In Jeanette O’Hagan Writes)

What is Christian Fiction – exploring the nature, aims and scope of Christian fiction (in Christian Writers Downunder.)

As Christian writers (or writers who happen to be Christian), who are we writing for?

Kindle Singles – bite sized e-reads. (In Australasian Christian Writers)

Craft and Practical Issues

Criticism: A Thorny Gift – it can be hard to receive criticism but often it is a gift. (In Christian Writers Downunder)

Defeating the Blank Faced Monster – what can you do when facing writer’s block? (In Christian Writers Downunder.)

Social Media for Readers and Writers

What is Good Reads? Why should I join? (In Australasian Christian Writers)

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