Jenny’s Writing Resources

Links to writing resources I’ve found helpful.

Writing Fiction – Getting Started

Books I’ve found helpful:

For great pointers on contemporary writing style – Renni Browne & Dave King’s Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman

Rivet Your Reader with Deep Point of View by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Write Your Novel From the Middle by James Scot Bell

For describing emotional reactions – Angela Ackerman’s  The Emotion Thesaurus

Some other recommendations:

37 Books for creative people

Structure or Plot

Story Premise – 6 essential elements (K M Weiland)

4 Different Plot Structures

11 Plot Pitfalls

Endings - Deliver the Payoff (The Editor’s Blog)

And why it might go wrong – The Story’s Subtext (Jamie Gold)


Creating Sympathetic Characters (Jason Black)

Showing Deep Emotion – How to Use Layers (Jamie Gold)

Finding the Right Name (K.M.Wieland)

Some more considerations in Naming - pitfalls to avoid (Io9)

Point of View

How to pick the right PoV for your novel

Omniscient Point of View is not popular with readers, editors and publishers

The pros and cons of Omniscient PoV (Brian Davies)

And another take on it (Charlie Jane Anders)

World Building and Setting

World building – Creating Worlds (Jeanette O’Hagan)

Show Don’t Tell

Adding Power to Blah (Margie Lawson)

Writing a Series

The dos and don’ts of Writing a Series (Jami Gold)

Multiply the Magic: On Writing Series (Jeanette O’Hagan)

Five Warning Signs that Readers Won’t Read Your Sequel (Christine H.)

General Tips & Editing

Lucy’s links – weasel words, first page, motivations and more (Lucy Thompson).

Things to avoid – overuse of adverbs:

The Dreaded Adverb Problem (Tom Pollock)

Why You  Should Shoot Adverbs on Sight (Mary Jaksch) – last paragraph gives a good test of when an adverb is necessary.

Is this scene necessary? When to Cut that Scene (Chris Winkle)

Writing Diaglogue – The Seven Deadly Sins (Susan DeFreitas)

Grammar Tips

And More:

Writing Descriptions

Writing Poetry

Four formatting tips for Word Press – Block Quotes; Preformatted Text; Indents and Outdents; and Extraline Breaks.

Month of Poetry

Finding Rhymes Rhyme Zone

The Writing Journey

Advice to start with – perfect one liners (Buffy Greentree)

Three Tips to Rev up Your Writing Career (Ali Stegert)

Why writing can be like climbing Mount Everest – Base Camp (Jeanette O’Hagan)

What type of writer are you – Are you a plotter, pantser or tweener?

Overcoming Procrastination

Fail-safe guide to overcoming procrastination (Gail Brenner)

Causes of Writer’s Block – Fear (Brian Clark)

Looking after yourself as a writer

Adele Jones and Pamela Heemskerk give some great advice about posture, eyestrain etc in this series of articles in ACW:

Pre-posture Perils

I Need to Move it, Move it!

The Eyes Have It (Eye-strain)

Headache Free Adventures

Publishing & Marketing

Cover Design

Can you judge a book by it’s cover? The importance of cover design.

Submitting to Publishers

Manuscript Format

Always check the publishers guidelines and stick to them! Here are some general guidelines

How to Format Your Novel For Submission (Editor’s Blog)

Manuscript Format Graeme (Shimmin)

What about self-publishing?

Belinda Pollard busting 3 myths about self-publishing.

How does SP work? (Cecily Paterson)


Elements of a good author website.

Readers’ Welcome – reader friendly author websites (Jeanette O’Hagan)

If you decide to use WordPress – difference between .org & .com (Sarah Gooding)

Social Media

What is Good Reads – my take.

Good Reads for authors – 8 tips.

Book Reviews

Reviewing Ethics (Iola Golton)


Where to look for images

Pixaby – Free Images

12 Best Places to Get Free Images for Your Site


25+ Pieces of Writing Software

Useful Websites

K M Wieland – Helping Writers Become Authors

Jamie Gold

The Editor’s Blog

Steve Laub Agency Blog

The Passive Voice: A Lawyers Thoughts of Authors and Publishing

How To Blog a Book

The Write Flourish - look at recent blog posts for writing tips

Christian Writers’ Downunder

Australasian Christian Writers - use search to access archives

Image by Jeanette O’Hagan (all rights reserved)

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  • Nola says:

    Thanks for compiling that list Jenny. I’m forever finding great articles and then forgetting to bookmark them properly. I’ll bookmark your page now. Thanks too for the shout out :) I really like the Browne and King book you mentioned. For plot, I also really like James Scott Bell’s book ‘Plot and Structure’.

  • Jenny says:

    Thanks for dropping by Nola. Bell’s book is one I’ve heard about but haven’t read yet – so I’ll bump it up on my To-Read list.

  • Paula Vince says:

    Thanks for the links, Jenny. Good to see so many interesting ones in one place.

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