Wheels of Fire

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By Jeanette O’Hagan

The fires of countless galaxies

wheel against the dark expanse

in clotted coloured whirls

like Catherine wheels’ mad dance.

And in the deep soundless space

sun roars with warmth and light

As nine planets circle round,

alone the blue-green one, just right.

This marbled ball cradles prolific life

Towering mountains, heaving seas,

verdant forests and grass filled plains;

habitats shaped and honed to please.

And from the smallest microbe

to the grandeur of the blue whale,

life’s complex detail spins

as Great Artificer weaves time’s tale.

Vast space and wild energies

mutely obedient to natural laws

our small minds’ grasp emerging pattern

‘til immense timeless mind gives us pause.

Jeanette O’Hagan c April 2014

First published in Omega Writers Words With Wings April 2014

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