Fine Lines

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Fine Lines emerged out of reflecting on memory loss, family and faith – spurred on by the devotional verse I read this morning:

Fine Lines
By Jeanette O’Hagan
30 March 2013

Fine lines crisscross the map
In a tangled grid;
Pathways through the city’s maze
Lines in time and space
That situate the temporal place.

Fine lines adorn the beloved face
Marking passing years;
Deeper lines with time are etched
Tracing happiness and grief
Hostage to the memory thief.

Fine lines tangle in grey cells
Plaque builds up between
And neural pathways begins to fray
As memory fragments and fails
And confusion slowly entails.

Fine lines connect cross generations
In kaleidoscopic patterns
Love and fate entwine in cabled ply
Crossed lines and DNA signs
Link kin and kind in swirling designs.

Fine lines between faith and doubt
Trace tapestry threads
In dark tangles and loosened twine
Then flare into delighted design
As dawn brings another vision.

Fine lines of memories and love
Cross the cracks of life
Sketch names and fading narratives
Entangling generations in loving strife
Bringing meaning and life.

Fine lines inscribed by divinity
In the cup of eternal hand
Traces name and remembers history
Promises “I will not forget you”
Beyond time reclaims each hidden strand.

Fine Lines out of time and place
Fine lines between love and strife
Fine Lines in time and eternity
Fine lines that trace our names,
Our narratives and life.

© all rights reserved

“I will not forget you.
See, I have inscribed you on the palm of my hands.”

Isaiah 49:15-16 © NRSV

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