Death of Truth?

Posted by Jenny on Aug 12, 2014 in Book Reviews |

Reflecting on recent events (as reported) in Iraq and the this week’s reading in my course on postmodernism as a reaction to WW2:

The death of Truth

Some men kill for honour
children beheaded
families scattered and
blood seeps into the ground
As once again labels
become more important
than our common humanity
and an ancient faith is
driven out by the sword.

So the horror repeats
Hate and war
based on wrong ideals
Ideas that kill
False god/s of mayhem
and the light of reason
and of compassion
flutters out.

Some say,
How can this happen?
How can there be a God
when those made in His Image
obey the Father of Lies?
Does the darkness mean
there is no Light?
Does a lie prove
that Truth doesn’t exist
beyond shadow of doubt?
If there is no Truth
how can there be a lie?
Only because we can
see light’s glimmer
do we know
that darkness abounds.

Jeanette O’Hagan © 12 July 2014

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